Medicine and Surgery, cum laude, University of Pavia
Pharmacy, cum laude, University of Pavia
Clinical Training, Urgences Médicales, Hopital Edouard Herriot, Lyon, France

Professor of Medical Toxicology, School of Medicine and Surgery, University of Pavia
Professor of Environmental Medicine, University Institute for Advanced Studies, IUSS Pavia
Director, Department of Environmental Medicine, Maugeri Foundation

Dr. Manzo has served for three decades as a full professor of Toxicology in the Medical School and has been the director of Postgraduate Medical Education programs in Medical Toxicology, Anesthesiology and Critical Care Medicine at the University of Pavia. He also has served as the director of the Clinical Toxicology Division of the Maugeri Foundation, and the co-ordinator of the Undergraduate Courses Biomedical Sciences class at the Institute for Advanced Study (IUSS Pavia).
After receiving his degree in Medicine and Surgery at the University of Pavia, dr. Manzo obtained the Ph.D at the Catholic University in Rome and has been visiting professor at the Department of Emergency Medicine, Hôpital Edouard Herriot, University of Lyon, France.
Dr. Manzo has been the team leader of research programs funded by the European Commission, the Italian Department of Civil Protection and other national agencies. He is the author of several edited books and more than 400 research articles, reviews, book chapters, clinical guidelines and case reports. His research interests are in the broad areas of emergency medicine, clinical toxicology, chemical risk assessment, and environmental health.
Scientific advisor, member of expert groups and grant review panels at the European Commission, the Italian Government, and the Italian Ministries of Health, University, and Economic Development. Professional Fellow, Institute of Nanotechnology (UK).
Dr. Manzo established several collaborations and developed joint research and educational projects with scientists from international institutions including Harvard University, the US Food and Drug Administration, the King’s College London, and the University of Washington at Seattle.
In the framework of educational and research programmes he has established collaborations with scientists and experts from several international Institutions including Harvard University, Karolinska Institute (Stockholm), e Universities of Texas at Houston and San Antonio, the King’s College London, the University of Washington at Seattle, and the US Food and Drug Administration.


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