• MSc in Civil Structural Engineering, University of Pavia
• Bachelor in Civil Engineering, University of Pavia

• Temporary Research Associate in EUCENTRE

• Site response analysis with stochastic approach
• Seismic-geotechnical modeling for site effects evaluation
• Assessment of liquefaction susceptibility with empirical correlations
• Seismic vulnerability assessment of maritime port structures
• Elaboration of data in GIS environment for the creation of liquefaction hazard maps and seismic damage scenarios

Bozzoni F., Famà A., Lai C.G., Mirfattah S.A., (2014), “Seismic risk assessment of seaports using GIS: the port of Gioia Tauro in Southern Italy”, PIANC World Congress San Francisco, USA 2014

Famà A., Bozzoni F., Lai C.G. (2014). “Modellazione geotecnica e suscettibilità alla liquefazione per la valutazione della vulnerabilità sismica di strutture portuali marittime: il porto di Gioia Tauro. N.3/2014 Progettazione Sismica

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