Free new RESIST Software for Preliminary Design of Wind and Seismic Load Resisting Structures

A freely available software called RESIST is now available for the preliminary structural design of a building for wind and earthquake loads. Intended for use by architecture students, engineering students, architects and structural engineers, it’s attractive for its user-friendliness and the absence of hand calculations. The RESIST program can be downloaded from the New Zealand National Society for Earthquake Engineering website

RESIST allows irregularly-shaped building plans and complies with current New Zealand Standards. Refer to the RESIST “User Guide”  (Help section), for guidance on using RESIST in other countries. At conceptual or preliminary design stages, RESIST facilitates investigation of different structural options and their member sizes, and may aid discussion between architect and structur al engineer. Once a conceptual design has been completed, the structural engineer should carry out a full preliminary design, where all assumptions and initial sizes from RESIST are re-evaluated for accuracy and appropriateness. RESIST cannot be used as a substitute for a complete preliminary design by a structural engineer.

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