Eucentre - Publications

Books, Manuals and Reports

From 2015 Eucentre replaces IUSS Press in the publishing, with the following aims:

  • Providing top quality publications at a fraction of the cost of conventional publishing houses, reducing the price of acquisition of technical books (especially for students);
  • Enabling faster publication of state-of-the-art manuscripts by reducing the time between submittal of authors’ drafts and final production;
  • Producing high quality textbooks, stimulating renowned experts by providing a higher royalty to authors than what is typically available.

Every new volume is evaluated by a publishing committee, that takes into consideration the technical-scientific level of the volume, the publishing interest and the expected marketing and sales success. After approval from the publishing committee, all arrangements are made for the publication of the volume.

The Eucentre publications are available on the Bookstore.
The currently available publications about Earthquake Engineering are divided in: Books, Monographs, Reports, Design Manuals and the Progettazione Sismica Journal.



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