• September 1991 – July 1996: High School Diploma in Classics, with 60/60, at the Liceo Classico Statale “Arnaldo”, Brescia

• 22nd of March 2002: Graduated in Civil Engineering, with 110/110 cum laude, from the University of Pavia, after a five years course. Final dissertation entitled “Active composites with shape memory alloys”, supervisor Prof. Auricchio

• June 2002: Graduated at the Undergraduate Courses of the IUSS, Pavia.

• September 2002 – July 2003: MSc. in Seismic Engineering at the “European School for Advanced Studies in Reduction of Seismic Risk” (ROSE School, IUSS Pavia), June 2004. Final Dissertation entitled “Seismic vulnerability of masonry arch bridge walls”. Supervisors: Prof. Pecker and Dr. Pinho.

• September 2004 – December 2007: Ph.D. in Seismic Engineering at the University of Pavia. Final Dissertation entitled “Advances in the derivation of fragility curves for masonry buildings”. Supervisors: Prof. Magenes and Dr. Penna.

Researcher for the Masonry Structures Section of EUCENTRE


• September 2003 – August 2004: Collaboration with the Department of Structural Engineering of the University of Pavia. Main projects:
– Seismic assessment of existing reinforced concrete buildings;
– Assessment of the stability of the site, of the foundation soil and of the foundation system for various existing buildings;
– Definition of the seismic action from in situ experiments results.

• May – June 2005: Collaboration with EUCENTRE (European Centre for Training and Research in Earthquake Engineering) for the elaboration of indications and guidelines for the seismic assessment of strategic structures according to the new code (OPCM 3274 of the 20th of March 2003).

• June – December 2005: Collaboration with EUCENTRE, within a project for the assessment of seismic risk of hospital structures (Lombardia Region).

• February – July 2006: Collaboration with the Italian Department of Civil Protection, within the European project LESSLOSS, for the translation and preparation of technical reports and presentations in English.

• November – December 2006: Collaboration with EUCENTRE for the definition of the seismic input for the Ancona seaport.

• January 2007: Collaboration with EUCENTRE for the definition of a standard procedure for the definition of seismic input for dynamic analyses.

• February – June 2007: Collaboration with the Italian Department of Civil Protection, within the European project LESSLOSS, for the preparation of two documents on the procedures for the emergency activation of the different European Civil Protections, and the methodologies adopted for post-earthquake usability assessment, respectively.

• March 2008 – February 2011: Post-doctoral fellow at the Department of Structural Mechanics of the University of Pavia, titled “Nonlinear stochastic analysis of the seismic response of existing masonry buildings”. Supervisor Prof. Guido Magenes.

• March 2011 – September 2011: Collaboration with the Masonry structures area of EUCENTRE for developing methods for the evaluation of the uncertainties in the seismic behaviour of masonry buildings and preparation of scientific papers.

• October 2011 – now: Researcher at the EUCENTRE Foundation, for the “Masonry structures” research area.

• Study periods in London in 1993, 1994, 1995, 1998 to improve English language.

• August 1999 – June 2000: attended Purdue University, West Lafayette, Indiana (U.S.A.), on the “T.A.S.S.E.P.” exchange program (one year of university)

• May 2003: One month stage at the company “Géodynamique et structures” in Paris, working for the master final dissertation with Prof. Pecker.

• “T.A.S.S.E.P.” research fellowship for attending one year of university at the Purdue University, West Lafayette, Indiana (U.S.A.).

• Included in the Dean’s list of the best students of the Faculty of Engineering of the Purdue University in the first semester.

• Research fellowship for the Master of Science at the ROSE School of Pavia.

• “H.W.H. (Timber) West Award” at the 12th Canadian Masonry Simposium (Vancouver, 2013), “for best paper related to seismic response or retrofit of masonry”, in relation to the paper by Magenes G., Penna A., Senaldi I., Galasco A., Rota M. “Experimental investigation on the effect of diaphragm in-plane stiffness on the seismic response of masonry buildings”

• Italian Heritage Award, Rome 2013 – International award for the preservation of cultural heritage – award for the research, education and innovation in the preservation of cultural heritage: special mention to the EUCENTRE Foundation for the scientific cooperation project “Reduction of seismic risk of the cultural heritage in Italy and in India”.

• Engineering Structures (since 2010)

• Earthquake Spectra (since 2010)

• Natural Hazards (since 2012)

• Bulletin of Earthquake Engineering (since 2012)

• Soil Dynamics and Earthquake Engineering (since 2012)

• Earthquakes and Structures (since 2013)

• Earthquake Engineering and Structural Dynamics (since 2013)

• 15th World Conference on Earthquake Engineering, Lisbon (2012)
• Evaluation of the seismic reliability of existing masonry buildings by stochastic procedures accounting for the different sources of uncertainty.

• Large scale seismic risk and vulnerability assessment, by means of analytical procedures and statistical processing of the damage observed after recent seismic events.

• Definition of state-dependent or time-dependent fragility curves for masonry buildings.

• Comparison of the results of probabilistic seismic hazard studies and macroseismic observations, by means of fragility curves.

• Linear and nonlinear numerical simulation of experimental shaking table tests of full-scale masonry buildings, with particular reference to modal identification and simulation of local out-of-plane failure mechanisms.

• Displacement based approaches for the seismic design and assessment of masonry buildings.

• Evaluation of the contribution of spandrels to the seismic response of masonry buildings.

• Testing and validation of simplified approaches for the seismic analysis of masonry buildings by comparison with the results of time history analyses.

• Definition of limit states and damage levels from the results of nonlinear dynamic time history analyses.

• Evaluation of the expected seismic performance of innovative masonry typologies not satisfying the code requirements (e.g. AAC).

• Definition of the design seismic action at a site, with particular reference to the selection of real accelerograms for time history analysis of structures and geotechnical systems.

• Stochastic evaluation of local site response.

• Evaluation of the uncertainty in 3D soil models by means of geostatistics.


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