•  April 2007 PhD in Geosciences – Milano-Bicocca University (Italy)
•  September 1998 Master in Environmental management with GIS – Cranfield University (UK)
•  November 1995 5yrs degree in Earth Sciences – Pavia University (Italy)

•  Preparation of risk targeted maps of design ground motion
•  Validation of probabilistic seismic hazard studies
•  Probabilistic ground shaking scenarios

Emilia Fiorini graduated in Earth Science at Pavia University. After her degree she moved to the United Kingdom where she got an MSc in Geographic Information Systems. She then joined the British Geological Survey where she worked up to 2004 with the GIS and Remote Sensing group, participating in many national and international projects.
In 2004 she returned to Italy where she obtained her PhD in Earth Sciences with a research project on seismic hazard in the North Andean region, carried out at the Istituto Nazionale di Geofisica e Vulcanologia. Here she also collaborated in projects on shaking scenarios and site effects.
She joined EUCENTRE in August 2007, in the Seismic Risk Section (the present Vulnerability and Territorial Management group), where she has been working on microzonation studies, and providing expertise in geological modelling of sedimentary basins for the characterisation of the local seismic response, digital geology and seismic hazard.
In 2013 Emilia joined the new Hazard and Risk section, where she has become involved in seismic risk assessment projects and she is carrying out research in geostatistical simulation of random fields of ground motion. She is also collaborating in projects and research related with vector hazard and Risk Targeted Design Maps.

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