NERA Project - Final NERA Meeting

The NERA Final Meeting took place from 6 to 7 October, 2014, in Athens, Greece.

NERA (Network of European Research Infrastructures for Earthquake Risk Assessment and Mitigation – 2010-2014) is an EC infrastructure project that integrates key research infrastructures in Europe for monitoring earthquakes and assessing their hazard and risk.

NERA integrates and facilitates the use of these infrastructures and access to data for research, provides services and access to earthquake data and parameters, and hazard and risk products and tools.

The EUCENTRE was mainly involved in 4 of the work packages of the NERA


* _WP6: NETWORKING FIELD TESTING INFRASTRUCTURES. _The EUCENTRE team involved in this WP contributed to the guidelines for designing optimal dynamic monitoring strategies for buildings.

* _WP7: CLASSIFICATION AND INVENTORY OF EUROPEAN BUILDING STOCK. _The EUCENTRE lead this work package, which resulted in the development of a European building and occupants exposure model, considering the main typologies of buildings in Europe and their distribution in 45 countries.

* _WP14: REAL-TIME SEISMIC RISK ASSESSMENT  AND DECISION SUPPORT. _The EUCENTRE colleagues working in this WP developed damage-dependent fragility functions for the assessment of damage distributions due to aftershocks, and integrated the methodology within an engine for real-time risk assessment.

* WP15: VULNERABILITY ASSESSMENT FROM FIELD MONITORING. In this work package, the EUCENTRE developed algorithms for updating structural models of buildings using the dynamic results from field monitoring, and developing fragility functions with the calibrated numerical models.

The areas of Eucentre involved:

Structural Analysis
Vulnerability and Territorial Management

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