The Nigel Priestley Prize 2016 awarded to Professor Steven L. Kramer

The fifth edition of the ROSE Prize, for the first time entitled to M.J. Nigel Priestley and consequently renamed M.J. Nigel Priestley Prize, has been awarded to Professor Steven L. Kramer (University of Washington, USA), on the basis of a unanimous decision of the Selection Committee, with the following motivation:

“Professor Steven L. Kramer has been a champion of performance based design in geotechnical earthquake engineering – a discipline that, arguably, needs it the most because of the significant uncertainties involved in geotechnical characterization. He has played a crucial role in the transition between the pioneering era of geotechnical engineering and an era in which the discipline is rationally based, allowing to understand
the relations between experience and models.
Under this (and others) respect, the impact of his book Geotechnical Earthquake Engineering, published in 1996 cannot be overstated: it revolutionized how geotechnical earthquake engineering was taught, and still 20 years later there is no other book that can compare.
He has shown uncommon skills in presenting his work and the state of art of geotechnical earthquake engineering; in particular, his invited presentations at conferences and his seminars have always been stimulating and exceptionally well prepared.
His strong influence on a generation of students, researchers and professionals is fully recognized, while his potential for future important achievements is a well founded hope.
Steve Kramer is a giant in geotechnical earthquake engineering and his association with the award will continue the tradition”

The Prize, a painting by Louise Daoust, has been awarded during a ceremony at the end of “The Second International Nigel Priestley Seminar”, held at the CAR College of Pavia, on May 19-20, 2016.

Here below the pictures of the awarding ceremony.

(In the picture here below, Professor Steven L. Kramer celebrates the end of his course at the ROSE School of Pavia in December 2007, along with his students and Prof. Gregory Fenves, currently President of the University of Texas at Austin)

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