TREES Lab - Experimental Methods

Experimentation has always had a fundamental role for scientific research, for the validation of models and theories, for structural identification, in the performance definition of systems and components. In the structural and seismic engineering framework, it is recently assuming a key role due to the development of new technologies, both for test execution and data acquisition and processing, allowing the study of structures and materials in conditions very close to real applications.
TREES Lab (Laboratory for Training and Research in Earthquake Engineering and Seismology), the Eucentre experimental facility, has been specifically designed according to the most innovative technologies and thanks to its high performance equipment that allows both dynamic and static experimental research to be conducted on full-scale prototypes, thus reducing the uncertainties of interpretation and correlation with actual structural conditions.

TREES Lab features on the following experimental facilities:

  • The high performance uniaxial shaking table;
  • The strong floor-reaction wall system;
  • The bi-axial bearing tester system;
  • The damper tests system;
  • The mobile unit.
Institutional Research Activities
Italian Department of Civil Protection
  • Executive Project (PE) - e2: Isolators and Bearing Devices: Characterization of existing typologies and developments of innovative prototypes;
  • Executive Project (PE): Collaboration for the development of postearthquake intervention strategies and for post-earthquake emergency management.
PON Research and competitiveness 2007-2013
  • PRISMA: Interoperable cloud platform for smart-government;
  • STRIT: Tools and technologies for transportation infrastructures risk management.
FAR-MIUR Smart Cities and Communities and Social Innovation
  • DIONISO: seismic domotics innovative technologies for home and system safety.
European Union - DG ECHO Environment
  • Development of Rapid Highly-specialized Operative Units for Structural Evaluation (DRHOUSE).
European Union - FP7
  • Seismic Engineering Research Infrastructures for European Synergies (SERIES).
Research Activities and Technical-Scientific Support for the Industries
AGOM, ALGA, Dynamic Isolation System, FIP Industriale, Freyssinet, Mageba, Maurer Sohne, Michaniki, Politecnico di Milano, Robinson Seismic LTD, SOMMA, Tensacciai, Trelleborg IZARRA
  • Prototyping, initial type testing and factory production control tests on bearings and seismic isolation devices (rubber bearings, curved surface sliders, dampers and shock transmitters, pot bearings, etc), according to Italian NTC, European EN15129, US AASHTO and customized testing protocols.
Assoplan, C&P Costruzioni
  • Pseudo-static cyclic tests for the evaluation of the seismic behaviour of structural load-bearing panels and/or infills.
  • Pseudo-static cyclic tests for the evaluation of the seismic behaviour of precast frame connections.
On Site Tests
Exploiting its knowhow and experience, the staff of Eucentre TREES Lab actively collaborates with authorities, companies and practitioners for the execution of on site tests aiming to the evaluation, identification and monitoring of structure. The expertise of Eucentre staff mainly regards the following fields:
  • Dynamic identification based on ambient and forced vibrations;
  • Design and installation of temporary and permanent monitoring systems;
  • Seismic geophysics tests for the evaluation of the parameter VS,30 through MASW and ReMi measurements;
  • Sonic and ultrasonic tests for the material characterisation;
  • Evaluation of the stress state of masonry using flat jacks tests;
  • Sonreb tests;
  • Thermography.
On Site Experimental Actitivies
Ist. Geriatrico Golgi Redaelli (Abbiategrasso - MI, Figures 1, 2, 3), Sistemi Taglio Diamante (Presezzo - BG)
  • Design and installation of temporary or permanent structural monitoring system.
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