Bi-axial Bearing Tester System

The bi-axial Bearing Tester System for testing of full-scale bearing and isolation devices, with 5 degrees of freedom and with high dynamic and force capabilities: vertical forces up to 50000 kN and horizontal forces up to 2000 kN with horizontal displacements of ±480 mm. This experimental equipment is unique in Europe. During the test it is possible to dynamically control the vertical force and displacement and the rotations of the three principle axes, with the following specifications. The Bearing Tester System also features an additional component for the execution of full 3D tests (6 controlled DoF). With an alternative actuators configuration, the peak horizontal force can reach 2800 kN.

Technical Data
Base Table 1.6 x 4.4 m
Mobile Mass ~ 22.1 ton
DoL Longitudinal, Transversal, Vertical, Roll, Pitch, Yaw
Peak Displacement Long. ±480 mm, Transv. ±265 mm, Vert. ±60 mm
Peak Velocity Long. 2200 mm/s, Transv. 600 mm/s, Vert. 250 mm/s
Peak Acceleration 1.8 g
Static Peak Force Long. 1900 kN, Transv. 1000 kN, Vert. 50000 kN
Dynamic Peak Force Long. 1700 kN, Transv. 750 kN, Vert. 40000 kN ±10000 kN
Peak Overturning Moment 20000 kNm
Working Frequency Range 0-20 Hz
Max Flow Rate 11000 + 16000 lit/min
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