The shake table simulates earthquakes, and is able to reproduce any real event that has been measured to date, in order to test large dimension prototypes. The characteristics and the main specifications of the table are reported in the following.

Structure of the table: Honey-comb like steel network to ensure high stiffness and a reduced mass, compatible with the forces developed during the structural tests.

Guides: Supported with hydrostatic bearings to ensure minimum friction.

Electronic and control software: Closed loop control system based on displacement, velocity and acceleration.

Technical Data
Base Table 5.6 x 7.0 m
Peak Displacement ±0.5 m
Peak Velocity 2.2 m/s
Peak Acceleration (bare table) 6.0 g
Peak Acceleration (w/ 60 ton specimen) 1.8 g
Max Flow Rate 11000 lit/min
Dynamic Peak Force 1720 kN
Static Peak Force 2150 kN
Maximum Specimen Mass 70-140 ton
Peak Overturning Moment 4000 kNm
Reaction Mass Weight 2350 ton
Quasi-static Friction 350 N
System Natural Frequency 84 Hz
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