The Mobile Unit of the Eucentre was developed as part of a pilot project financed by the European Community with the objective of extending the investigation procedures and numerical analyses, that are traditionally used in laboratories, to the field. The Mobile Unit has been conceived for two types of operation:

  • The unit can be used within a network of Mobile Units that work in synergy and are coordinated by a Coordination and Control Centre developed at Eucentre, as for example in the case of post-earthquake emergency management to support the Civil Protection Departments.
  • The unit can be used for single applications, for example the monitoring of single buildings, carrying out accurate assessment surveys useful for seismic risk mitigation studies.

The Mobile Unit is equipped with an innovative system of transducers and wireless data acquisition, a traditional system for data acquisition and instruments (potenziometers, strain gauges, accelerometers, geophones etc.) for the monitoring of structures and equipment for carrying out numerous non destructive tests (thermographics, sonic tests, flat jacks etc.) The Mobile Unit is also equipped with a communication structure based on 2G/3G modern systems, Wifi, Bluetooth and satellites that enable direct contact to be maintained, even in emergency situations, with both the on-site assessors and the Coordination Centre and with the laboratory partner network of the Eucentre.

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