– January 11 to today.
Collaboration with project contract at Eucentre.

– January 2010.
Member of the Order of Engineers of Frosinone.

– January 2005 – May 2009.
Degree in Civil Engineering at the University of Cassino.

– June 6, 2008
Participation in the course organized by the Lazio Region and co-financed by the European Social Fund, the total duration of 120 hours, as “CAD OPERATOR” at the “Intraprendere” Association.

– October 2005.
Bachelor’s Degree in Civil Engineering at the University of Cassino.

– July 13, 2001
Achievement of scientific maturity at the Institute “G. Pellecchia” of Cassino.

Term-conctract worker

– Participation in the validation procedure of the Si-Erc computer system, created for the Calabria Region, which allows defining procedures for reporting, filing and approval of structural measures and spatial planning in seismic perspective.

– Support activities of Si-Erc to the officials of Genio Civile of Reggio Calabria from November 2010 to December 2010.

– Data collection and validation on projects from ANAS database for the development of a study of the seismic vulnerability of bridges and viaducts present throughout the national territory. This activity was held at ANAS in Rome during the period January 2011 – March 2011 and continued at Eucentre in Pavia until the end of July 2011. This was followed by a thorough study of the methods for the determination of fragility curves already developed both nationally and internationally.

– Modeling with Midas of the Department of Pediatrics of the Hospital “San Matteo” in Pavia.

– Post-event surveys for the assessment of the safety and usability of buildings following the earthquake in Emilia (May 2012).

– Participation in the project on behalf of the Department of Civil Protection for the evaluation of the seismic vulnerability of school buildings located throughout the Italian territory. Careful analysis of the tabs verification of strategic buildings of Level 1 and 2 (relating specifically to the regions of Calabria and Lazio) resulted in data collection, which allowed the implementation of a method to obtain vulnerability curves of buildings and to establish the first collapse mechanisms.

– Participation in the project STRIT at the headquarters of Eucentre of Naples.

– Barbara Borzi, Antonella Di Meo, Marta Faravelli, Emilia Fiorini,Mauro Onida, “Definizione di una procedura di prioritizzazione per interventi di mitigazione del rischio degli edifici scolastici”, Atti del XIV Convegno ANIDIS, Bari, 2011, Italia.

– Barbara Borzi, Antonella Di Meo, Marta Faravelli, Emilia Fiorini, Mauro Onida, “Mappe di rischio sismico e scenario degli edifici scolastici italiani”, Atti del XIV Convegno ANIDIS, Bari, 2011, Italia.

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