Completed or near conclusion projects

  • Calabria Region: Eucentre personnel support activity to the technical services. Activities related to the compliance of the new district regulation L.R. 35 del 19 Ottobre 2009 e s.m.i;
  • Emilia Romagna Region: Data processing system for the management of seismic files in low to medium seismicity areas;
  • Emilia Romagna Region: Acquiring of a set of checks to approve automatically new designed buildings in usage class I and II;
  • Independent district of Trento: Acquiring of IT procedure GIPE for the management of construction matters;
  • VULSAR- System producing seismic vulnerability maps through SAR data.

Present and future activities

  • NERA: Network of European Research Infrastructures for Earthquake Risk Assessment and Mitigation;
  • DPC d1: Seismic risk evaluation of the Italian territory;
  • DPC d2: Definition of prioritization procedures for intervention on Italian school buildings and development of a WebGIS platform monitoring buildings subjected to intervention;
  • DPC d4: Seismic risk of the national road transport network;
  • DPC d8: WebGIS interfaces to the data of observed damage;
  • DPC d10: Development and management of a WebGIS platform for the monitoring of public and private buildings financed through Art. 11;
  • SASPARM: Support Action for Strengthening Palestinian-administrated Areas capabilities for Seismic Risk Mitigation;
  • PON01_02366: Tools and technologies for risk management of transport infrastructure (STRIT), D.D. n. 01/Ric del 18/01/2010;
  • PON 04a2_A: Interoperable cloud platforms for smart-governmen (PRISMA), D.D. n. 620/Ric del 08/10/2012;
  • SCN_00320: Seismic domotics innovative technologies for home and system safety (DIONISIO), D.D. n. 391/Ric del 5/07/2012, D.D. n. 4155/Ric del 12‐07‐2012, D.D. n. 186 del 31‐01‐2013;
  • ECOSTRESS: Ecological COastal Strategies and Tools for Resilient European SocietieS.
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