TREESLab Laboratory for Training and Research in Earthquake Engineering and Seismology

TREESLab is the experimental laboratory of the Foundation EUCENTRE designed with the most advanced technologies for structural and seismic simulation. TREESLab can perform tests on large/full scale prototypes (buildings, bridge piers, laminar boxes, etc.), bearings and isolation devices, structural components, materials and mechanical systems using pseudo-static, dynamic and hybrid techniques. In situ applications for structural assessment such as non destructive or semi destructive testing, monitoring or tele-monitoring can also be performed on existing buildings, bridges and landslides using an innovative mobile assessment system recently developed.

TREES Lab features four experimental facilities:
  • 3 D Reaction System for Structural Testing used for full-scale pseudo-static and pseudo-dynamic tests;
  • Uniaxial high performance Shake Table used for dynamic simulations;
  • Dynamic multiaxial Bearing Tester System used for tests on full-scale bearings and isolation devices;
  • Mobile assessment system , with the most advanced tools for in situ non-destructive tests and for fast seismic vulnerability;
3D-Reaction system
Uniaxial Shake Table

Bearing Tester System
Mobile Assessment system