Shake Table

Shake Table specifications

Note: Nominal performance specifications are for continuous uniaxial sinusoidal motion.

Table platform size5.6mx7.0m18.4 x 23 ft
Table Mass43 tons94.6 kip
Max rigid payload140 tons309 kips
Controlled DOFX (longitudinal)
Stroke±500 mm±1.64 ft
Velocity2200 mm/sec7218 ft/sec
Acceleration (at bar table)
± 6.0 g
Max O.T.M.4000 kNm2950 ft.kips
Max yaw Moment400 kNm295 ft.kips
Operating frequency0-50 Hz
Maximum Static force2100 kN472 kips
Max Dynamic Force
±1700 kN

±382 kips

Actuator ModelMTS 243.xx Custom designed
2 three stages, nominal flow rate 3000 lit/min each
Flow rate
Continuous 1360 lit/min, peak 11000 lit/min (constant over 10 sec)
Restraining system
Hydrostatic bearings

Control system

The shake table is controlled by an advanced digital controller implemented by MTS Systems Corporation based on the 469D model. The system controller is used for pre-tuning, system operation and test execution and provides several features, the most important are listed below:

  • High-level fixed control techniques such as Three-Variable Control (TVC: displacement, velocity, and acceleration), built-in filtering and adaptive compensation techniques for high fidelity and faithfully reproduction of the desired table motions;
  • Digital hardware/software allows easy hardware swapping in the event of a failure – digitally stored calibration parameters are downloaded to the hardware upon system startup;
  • Software configurations (containing all system tuning parameters) can be stored for later recall when retesting similar specimens;
  • The control hardware architecture is based on Digital Signal Processing technology which optimizes the performance of the embedded control syste.