Completed or near conclusion projects

  • Landslide stabilization in over-consolidated fine soils by large structural wells. Physical modelization in centrifuge under static and dynamic conditions (Italian Department of Civil Protection DPC, executive project e6).
  • Definition of seismo- e spectrum-compatible seismic inputs for all the municipalities of the Tuscany Region (Tuscany Region, Italy).
  • Italy-India ASTIL project: reduction of seismic risk of historical-architectural heritage in Italy and India.
  • ReLUIS-DPC project: evaluation of the local seismic response by reliable procedure (MT1.2); evaluation of effects due to near-faults to strategic or relevant structures (MT1.3); evaluation of the seismic response of gravity retaining walls (MT3).
  • Seismo-geotechnical stability at the construction site of a biomass power plant in Finale Emilia (ENEL Green Power S.p.a.).

Work in progress and new projects

  • REAK European project: development of time-dependent fragility curves for wharf structures and underground deep tunnels (WP5); feasibility study of an earthquake early warning system in the Eastern Caribbean islands (WP7).
  • Seismic vulnerability and risk of wharf structures (DPC, executive project S.3.5).
  • Seismic risk of earth dams (DPC, executive project S.3.6).
  • Collaboration for the development of post-earthquake intervention strategies and for post-earthquake emergency management focusing on seismic geotechnical aspects (DPC, executive project S.4.1).
  • Seismic risk of airports (DPC, executive project S.3.7).
  • Seismic vulnerability of shallow and deep tunnels (DPC, executive project S.3.7).
  • STRIT research project: tools and technologies for risk management of transportation infrastructures (National Operative Program “Research and Competitivity”, PON R&C).
  • SICURA research project: innovative strategies for the security and valorisation of the architectural heritage (CARIPLO Foundation).
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